Bass / Electronic / Glitch

Spundose – “Spaceships In The Hieroglyphics”


by Kyle Taylor |

This track simply could not have come at a better time. Spundose is set to make his Philadelphia debut this Friday as the MindFlip Tour (sponsored and curated by MindFlip Records) takes footing right here in West Philadelphia. Joining Spundose on that lineup will be Jade Cicada, Rasp-5, Wax Future, Ludge, Shanti, Sacral Crown, and Face Plant.
Event Page:

Back to this new track from Spundose, though. You don’t need to be immune to naivety to pick up from a name like Spundose that the production style is probably driven in large by psychedelia elements- such a conclusion would be correct. With “Spaceships In The Hieroglyphics”, the New York musician arranges a truly unpredictable assortment of steadily unfolding components. Breathing quarrels of trouble sound through immense waves of atmospheric audio, the composition navigates itself through a methodical near six and a half minutes.

Spundose Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Spundose – “Spaceships In The Hieroglyphics”


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