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Jade Cicada – “Wubbalubbadubdub” | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

Plain and simple, this is just one of those tracks that makes you say, ‘this is too good to be true’. I will admit, I am definitely partial to anything referencing or paying homage to Rick & Morty, but the complete package of this new single from Jade Cicada is all-around exemplary. For music fans who have not yet been sucked into the beauty of the quirky and outrageously rude sci-fi animated series (currently running on Adult Swim), “Wubbalubbadubdub” is co-lead character Rick Sanchez’ self-proclaimed catch phrase throughout the shows first season.

Emitting several hilarious vocal samples, including the war cry-esque title exclamation, as well as numerous other more particular episode references, Jade Cicada lends a bit of humility and humor to an otherwise seriously professional piece of work. For true fans of the relatively new TV series, too, these extra phrases give real personality to the production. Of course, there is much more to the new single than its Rick & Morty components, though.

As always from Skyler Golden (Jade Cicada), the sound design is exuberantly authentic and decisively polished. A recent graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, that studious devotion to his craft consistently shows through in Skyler’s work. As I urge those who have not yet bore witness to the hilarity of Rick & Morty to get familiar with the series, I can not emphasize the necessity for those who are still unfamiliar with Jade Cicada’s productions to delve into his explosive and magnificently curated library at the earliest possible convenience.

Lastly, it is always worth noting when an artist is equally well composed on stage as he or she is in the studio. That is no doubt the case for Jade Cicada. The Massachusetts producer recently made his Philadelphia debut here last week alongside fellow northeast artist Spundose on The MindFlip Tour, sponsored by MindFlip Records. I was lucky enough to bare witness to one of Skyler’s spectacular performances during his opening set the second night of Tipper‘s return to New York City at PlayStation Theater this past winter. The second time around last week was equally as magnificent, if not more so. Jade Cicada is undoubtedly a major artist to keep an eye on for fans of well-thought, psychedelic bass.

Jade Cicada Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Jade Cicada – “Wubbalubbadubdub” — FREE Download!!

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