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Gala In The Grove Artist Spotlight #4: Wax Sampson

wax sampson

by Kyle Taylor |

What’s a Wax Sampson? That’s the ultimate question. Imagine two like-minded producers working together to fuse their still respective sounds. Now imagine that already delicious musical experience backed by live enthralling guitar maneuvers and malicious percussion.

Wax Sampson is the brainchild of Philadelphia musicians Connor Hansell and Keith Wadsworth, and Joe Haederle and Aaron Harel- respectively known as the duos Wax Future and Mr. Sampson. Both steadily active and key players in the Funkadelphia movement, the two acts quickly developed a relationship and recognized the potential of future collaboration. Those present at the first home based Funkadelphia showcase at Silk City this January witnessed the first incarnation of that collaboration, as Wax Future guitarist Wadsworth joined Mr. Sampson on stage during the peak of the night.

The inaugural Gala In The Grove festival in Jonestown, Pennsylvania will play home to many firsts; but one we are especially excited for is no doubt the official debut performance of Wax Sampson. In addition to solo sets from both individuals acts at the 2016 festival, the two will finally present a completed joint manifestation of their efforts and sounds.

Wax Future Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
Mr. Sampson Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Wax Future – A Long Journey Into Night 

Mr. Sampson – Tempest EP — FREE Download!!

Wax Future – Keep the Memories EP Name Your Price

Pink Floyd – “Comfortably Numb (Mr. Sampson Remix)” — FREE Download!! // Alt. Link

Wax Future – “Cenote” — Name Your Price

Pink Floyd – “Comfortably Numb (Mr. Sampson Remix)” — FREE Download!! // Alt. Link

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