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Matarael – “Nu Riddim”


by Kyle Taylor |

I fear I have been spending too much time in my comfort zone- it is time to get back to the unknown. “Nu Riddim” is the first track from Matarael to grace my eardrums. This tune in particular reset something in my brain and once again ignited my interest to really dig deep for musicians pushing the envelope. It is always good to look close to home, but equally important to remember there are people all over the world looking to challenge the boundaries of art.

Bringing together styles from countless sources, “Nu Riddim” digs well into its title sound, riddim dubstep. Of course this term carries some heavily and heated weight these days, but that is a discussion for another time. The point is, the dubstep influence is clear here. However, there is also thick and decisive presence of future bass elements, carrying a likeness to much of the sounds we have heard come out of SATURATE! Records in the past year and a half. The duality of the production is uncanny and inventive. More from Matarael soon, we hope.

Matarael Soundcloud

Matarael – “Nu Riddim”

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