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ProJect Aspect – All We Dream [Adapted Records]

project aspect

by Kyle Taylor |

The glitch game never stops in Colorado. There must be something about those serene mountainous landscapes that inspires such artistic beauty. It is irrefutable the unbelievable amount of talent that seems to cultivate in the area. Nonetheless, a name that has been on the map since even before the sound found its full footing is ProJect Aspect. The rapidly growing producer was no doubt a leader in the western bass movement, instilling new tempo perspectives and glitch elements to a steadily evolving realm of bass music.

Even with his seniority, though, Jay Jaramillo (ProJect Aspect) refuses to take his fans for granted. Constantly on the road or hard at work in the studio, Jaramillo is never forgetting about the hard work that got him to where he is now. His latest release, All We Dream, via Addictech Records is the purest testament to that. With an already refined and almost perfected sound, we can still hear Jaramillo making improvements to his work on this new album. Furthermore, we hear him pushing his boundaries farther than ever before. Never allowing himself to be confined to a single sound, the ProJect Aspect project (repetition on purpose) sees no limits.

ProJect Aspect Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

ProJect Aspect – All We Dream [Adapted Records] — Buy on: Bandcamp // Addictech // Beatport

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