Ganja White Night Debuts New Live Performance This Summer | U.S. Tour


by Kyle Taylor |

Over the past decade (give or take a few years) we have seen the dubstep sound come to fruition through a variety of techniques and  approaches. Originally resonating through immersive ambient bass tones and stomping breakbeat percussion, the genre has since unfolded through a rapidly progressing evolution. Still, dubstep has heard its fair share of criticism and comments toward a lack-luster structure and even performance at times.

These comments have far from stopped musicians from stepping up to the bass plate and trying their hand at keeping the genre thriving with life. Ganja White Night is a remarkable an indisputable player in that effort. With a polished reggae dub approach that pays plenty of tribute to the genre’s years of origin, the duo is still steady sure to implement thick accents of modern, pristine and original, treble and mid-range “wobble” sound design.

What really makes Ganja White Night so special though? Well, a spectacular, live performance that not only exemplifies  a stagnant stream of original productions, but also live musicianship. The Belgian artists have successfully cultivated one of the most enthralling live bass performances on the circuit.

We are beyond ourselves with exuberance to learn that these low-end pioneers will be debuting a spectacular new live performance here in the United States this summer. Last week it was confirmed that Ganja White Night would be appearing at Infrasound Music Festival 2016 in June. Stay tuned for more summer 2016 tour dates still to come from Ganja White Night!

Ganja White Night Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Ganja White Night – Hybrid Distillery Buy on Bandcamp


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