by Kyle Taylor |

Dudes. Bros. Gals. Pals. Friends. Errybooooody. We just announced the most bodacious of events. This is going to be a real proper throw down. We busted out all the big guns for our first in-house fully funded festival, and we think you are going to be pretty excited. Just look at that lineup. Seriously, like woah, man.

There will be real artistic performances, mythical creatures, fictional characters, and all sorts of stuff at our festival. You can buy things from your friend that he found in his parents attic last week. We totally just confirmed him for vending. It’s ’bout to be lit.

We will have four stages, each powered by its own source of green energy. We made sure we used all our headiest resources for you’ze guys when putting this one together.

OH!! Did we mention there will be a lot of bass. Like so, so, so, so, so, so, so much bass. Like, your earplugs are going to need earplugs for their earplugs… that is how much bass we are bringing. We have PK sound systems sandwiched between Funktion Ones.

We have LED boards coming out the wa-zoo. We have people wearing tails, and animal hoods, and colorful beads around their every body part; we have naked people running around like mad-men; we even have carrots. We have it all!

So come on down to Camp Bunkadelphia where everything is 50% off… except for your ticket, well, and the food, and parking, camping passes. Okay, actually nothing is 50% off. But you should come.

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