Bass / Glitch-Hop

Unlimited Gravity – Slosh Mode [Gravitas Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

It’s only Tuesday, but there party is already getting started in proper fashion by the one and only Unlimited Gravity. The Denver producer just dropped his massive new Slosh Mode EP on one of our ever-favorite labels: Gravitas Recordings. Chocked full of delicious, insightful sound design, the release is a closed case of riveting bass music fusion. Ronnie Weberg (Unlimited Gravity) sends cataclysms of audio raining down from speakers, driving the most sinister of moments out of lushly contrived melodies. Sinking his teeth into a variety of bass genres, Weberg manages to keep the spread of ideas coherent and cohesive. The result is an intense journey into some of bass music’s finest aspects contorted through complex and even contemplative compositions.

Unlimited Gravity Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Unlimited Gravity – Slosh Mode [Gravitas Recordings] — Name Your Price

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