Electronic / Future Bass

Stan & Scatz – “Entangled” [WUMP Collective] | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Who says electronic music has to be all electronic? The fusion of electronic and organic instrumental components is respectfully not a new trend, yet it is one that still allows for plenty of exploration. More importantly, it is one that is still well in style and far from going stale.

Simple logic tells us that combining these two spectrums only allows for a broader range of achievable sound. “Entangled”, the new single on WUMP Collective from the minds of Stan and Scatz, is irrefutable in those efforts. Extending itself through gentle guitar plucks, the track is quick to poke its modern aspects into audible territory. A cacophony of acoustic percussion grazes the surface of a sound environment almost deep enough to wade into. Pairing those elements with deliberately conservative and calculated daggers of rich sound design, these two producers successfully pull an engrossing composition out of an otherwise all too familiar formula.

Scatz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
Stan Soundcloud // Facebook

WUMP Collective Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Stan & Scatz – “Entangled” — FREE Download!!

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