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Vibe Street – “Something From Outer Space (Wax Future Remix)” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL

VS cover art

by Kyle Taylor |

These cats are always cooking up some new delicious beats for us. Wax Future is kicking out the licks on this funkadelic new remix, just in time for their escapades with Vibe Street and Brightside at Coda, right here in Philadelphia, tonight.

vibesideEvent Page:

Vibe Street’s original incarnation of “Something From Outer Space” was already lush with funky guitar lines and throwback samples to make your head nod, there is no escaping that fact. But now Wax Future guitarist Keith Wadsworth steps in to bring a whole new beam of life to the track’s instrumental aspects, while producer Connor Hansell embraces those elements, adding a glitch-induced array of new bass lines.

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Vibe Street – “Something From Outer Space” — FREE Download!!

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