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Toadface – “Aquarium” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL, Plus Artist Interview


by Kyle Taylor |

We have some fresh new beats from the swamp today courtesy of our friend ToadfaceAlthough, this one has a little more of a fresh water feel. That bogged down aquatic theme carries well through the production, which unravels in a plethora of organic sound replications sure to leave your head swimming.

If you are at all already familiar with Toadface, you probably have heard this kid get plenty crunchy. His last split release with Levitation Jones, the Living In a Bubble EP, was a vicious stint of grueling future bass noise wrapped in glitch textures. However, this latest single, “Aquarium” dives into a much more subtle environment. Bring the glitch aspect back, but instead sink into endless waves of ethereal ambient sound as they relentlessly crash over you.

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Toadface – “Aquarium” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] — FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia“You’ve been cranking out some pretty unique sounds- what programs and plug-ins are you using to churn out those monsters?”
Toadface: “Fl Studios is the DAW I use and my favorite third-party plugin to use right now is Serum. One thing I do use that I don’t think to many other people are using is a sample granulizer which takes whatever samples you load in and squishes it or stretches it in unique ways.”
Funkadelphia: “So two producers in one family; was music emphasized in your house growing up or did you and your brother take it upon yourselves to get things going?”
Toadface: “We had a uncle around us that was super dedicated to playing guitar and he gave us our first general music lesson.”
Funkadelphia: “How does having a sibling also producing music affect your creative flow? Do the two of you tend to keep an open channel?”
Toadface: “It helps a lot because we have a similar creative vision so working together or sharing idea’s is always beneficial to each other.”
Funkadelphia: “You recently did your first major tour alongside Levitation Jones- what was it like getting to take your live performance on the road?”
Toadface: “It was great, I mean I’ve played a ton of live shows before that tour, I feel like the thing that took some getting used to was just to keep the energy up for so many shows in a row. It was a blast though and I can’t wait to be on the road again.”
Funkadelphia: “Do you have any sort of next EP or album in the works?”
Toadface: “My next release will most likely be a collaborative 3 track e.p. between Yheti, Mt, Analogue, and Toadface that’ll be dropping sometime probably in May or June.”

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