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Fishtown Beats – “Driving Around Looking for Snyder’s Pretzels” | Full Album, ‘The Shadow’, Out Friday 4/29


by Kyle Taylor |

I guess spring time is bringing just as much energy to other folks as it is doing for me. The past few weeks have been so chocked full of new music from countless directions. One thing we know for sure, though, is that Philadelphia- just like always- is holding it down on the new tune front. Today we have the second single from Fishtown Beats‘ forthcoming album, The Shadow, which drops this Friday via Funkadelphia Recordings.

The latest single, “Driving Around Looking for Snyder’s Pretzels”, is surprisingly and undeniably amusingly reminiscent of its title. A stern and consistent percussion metronome sets the base for wistful flutes, singing strings, and nostalgic vocal samples- the combination of which finds an all-around crackling jazz to doo-wop fusion of sound that is guaranteed to induce foot-tapping.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the complete The Shadow record, dropping in just three days. In the meantime, be sure to keep your ears occupied with the album’s first single and title track, “The Shadow”, as well as a recent mix with WKDU Radio from Fishtown Beats (streams of both included below)!

Fishtown Beats Soundcloud // Facebook // Instagram

Fishtown Beats – “Driving Around Looking for Snyder’s Pretzels” — The Shadow, Full Album OUT FRIDAY 4/29


Fishtown Beats – “The Shadow”

Fishtown Beats – “WKDU Sundown Lounge Radio Mix [4/3/2016]”

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