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Fishtown Beats – The Shadow [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

Sometimes you just need something a little suave and full of soul to get you through the day. Fishtown Beats seems to be a constant source of those feels. With a name paying tribute to one of Philadelphia’s most renowned neighbors, there is no doubt that much of Fishtown Beats’ music is inspired by the lush cultural and artistic diversity of our city. It is a sound that encapsulates that classic urban vibe while still emitting plenty of carefully assembled composition work.

There is a certain characteristic elegance to all of Colin Dooley’s (Fishtown Beats) works. Residing in alleyways of jazzy rhythms and on the rooftops of soulful melodies, the precise style is carefully molded and thus abstractly recognizable. The latest compilation of Dooley’s productions is The Shadow, a new LP out now of Funkadelphia Recordings. Implementing plenty of classic beat techniques and the pristine, authentic style we have come to expect from Fishtown Beats, the local producer manages to step well out of his comfort zone as well.

The obvious culprit is “My Life So”, a collaborative track with fellow local duo Wax Future. After a steady and rhythmic, but still ever so lightly and perfectly jazzy, introduction, Wax Future’s electro-driven sound storms onto the scene, soon dissipating into elegant guitar efforts. Still, Dooley’s own experimentation extends beyond the collaboration. “Comin’ Home to You” exhibits a synthesizer-driven boom-bap intro, that while capturing Fishtown Beats’ characteristic tempo vibe, dives into decisively new territory for Dooley.

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Fishtown Beats – The Shadow [Funkadelphia Recordings] — Name Your Price

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