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Tonio Sagan – “This One (feat. DJ N.E.B. & Demse Zullo)” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL

This One - Cover

Electronic music is not often equated with an output of emotion. Many of its recipients quickly find themselves lost in the loose grooves and manageable rhythms, only taking notice to the bliss released through movement of the body. However, too often we forget that those artists producing these wistful arrays of sound have their own long list of personal experiences and, in turn, divergent inspirations.

“This One”, the new collaborative single from Tonio Sagan captures that sense of proliferation with devout honesty. Featuring Demse Zullo (drummer and founder of Reggae group The Alchemystics) and DJ N.E.B. (turntablist and DJ of the Connecticut based hip hop group Political Animals), the track utilizes drum stems recorded at the last show Demse performed before his passing last year.

“This one’s for Demse and Budzy. We miss you guys.”
-Tone & DJ N.E.B.

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Tonio Sagan (feat. Demse Zullo & DJ N.E.B.) – “This One” — FREE Download!!

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