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Infrasound 2016 Artist Spotlight #3: Tennyson


by Dan Getz |

The music of Tennyson sounds like the feeling you get when you finally return home after a long time of traveling. When the people you love remind you once again why you love them. The Canadian brother and sister duo, Luke and Tess Perry, spread messages of love, community, and companionship through their incredibly intricate jazz compositions and production techniques. Tennyson brings a truly unique and creative production style to their music, as they experiment with a multitude of production tricks including, phasing, environmental scenes, the use of folly, and more; never ceasing to captivate the listener’s ear with a sound unique to themselves. In the world of electronic music, it is not uncommon for musical content to be sacrificed for the sake of production virtuosity, yet Tennyson has proved to us that a balance can be found between the two.

Influenced by Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, and several icons in the world of jazz, Luke Perry, producer and keyboardist of the group, began producing at an early age and had ever recorded two jazz albums by the age of twelve. Yet it was not until 2012 when he married the worlds of jazz and electronica with the help of his sister on the drums. Perhaps one of the most special aspects of Tennyson is their incredible approach to electronic live performance. With Tess behind the drums, and Luke surrounded by multiple drum pads, midi controllers, and other hardware, the group is able to successfully emulate their music live, a feat that is difficult to achieve with such detailed and complicated music.

Their debut Like What? EP has been massively successful on streaming services as well as downloads, along with all of their previous singles including “With You” and “Lay-by”. Tennyson delivers a truly unique musical experience to the wide stylistic spectrum of the Infrasound 2016 lineup, and can easily be predicted to be one of the more memorable shows of that weekend. For any who have not heard Tennyson’s music before, “XYZ” is their most recent single since the release of their Like What EP, and perfectly encapsulates the impeccable sound of the musical duo. It appears that Tennyson will soon become a standard name in the world of electronic music, and I couldn’t think of a group more deserving of musical recognition than Tennyson.

Tennyson Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Infrasound Festival Website // Buy Tickets

Tennyson – “XYZ”

Tennyson – “All Yours”

Tennyson – Like What EP — Name Your Price

Skrillex – “Stranger (Skrillex Remix with Tennyson & White Sea)” — Download/Donate

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