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Agent Zero – Mechanisms EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

Mechanisms Artwork

by Kyle Taylor |

Just in time for summer, Agent Zero is back with some new jarring rhythms to make your head spin. Starting off his new Mechanisms EP with the miniature album’s debut single, “From Stars”, released last week, Noah Selwyn (Agent Zero) immediately digs into his staple cascades of engulfing sound waves. Vocalist Spenser Michaels brings a real sense of infatuation and sincerity of emotion to the track, allowing the production to gain traction as a true composition rather than just a fun dance beat.

From there, Agent Zero does not slow down one bit through the rest of the Mechanisms EP. The Philadelphia producer staggers forward through the release’s remaining three tracks, trying to find solid ground among swarms of unrelenting low-end wobbles. He does so through a plethora of enchanting, electronic harmonies and progressions, as well as through inclusion of organic instrumentation, courtesy of Rob Potter (saxophone) and Jason Luber (guitar)- both of which join Selwyn on stage for Agent Zero live band performances. Each of these new four tracks carves its own niche in the barrier of sound, deliberately and unbashfully shaking through multiple electronic-fusion genres.

Selwyn’s compositions should be most well-recognized, though, for their ability to divert from monotonous repetition. Each piece feels like much more of a song than just a hard beat. These grooves are sure to get your body moving, but do not be surprised if your ears find themselves at times caught off-guard by precise tempo-shifts, refined and original sound design, or even the contributions of live band members Potter and Luber.

Plus, be sure to catch Agent Zero debuting his new Mechanisms EP alongside the full live band lineup TONIGHT at Silk City, right here in Philadelphia (full event details below)!

Event Page [Tickets just $5 ALL NIGHT!]

Agent Zero Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Agent Zero – Mechanisms EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] — Name Your Price


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