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Infrasound 2016 Artist Spotlight #4: The Orb


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by Kyle Taylor |

Electronic music is advancing at an exponential rate. With technological progress rapidly accelerating, the tools available to the world’s musical community are perpetuating that very same pattern within it. Still, electronic music is in all honesty no new trend. Its existence spans decades and roots dig back well before the current times of solo DJs and producers domineering stages.

There are countless key players in the development and progression of electronic music. Fingers can be pointed and arguments can be made, but The Orb has undoubtedly left their mark. Emerging nearly thirty years ago, the English duo quickly added their own ambitions and intuition to the expanding realm of ambient and experimental electronic compositions of the time. Now fifteen albums and counting into its career, the project is still far from throwing in the towel. This extensive timeline for The Orb has seen a multiplicity of lineup changes, with only founding member Alex Paterson remaining at its helm since the group’s inception in 1988. Nonetheless, one could easily argue the consistent cycling, and thus freshness, of musical minds joining Paterson throughout The Orb’s bountiful career has led to one of the most versatile and pleasantly unpredictable electronic- if not musical in general- projects of all time.

Such a vast awareness and recognition of not only electronic music’s modern superstars, but also that of its forefathers and most grandeur of artists is what allows Infrasound Festival to set itself apart from the crowd. The Orb is just one of a magnanimous list of electronic musical legends on the 2016 lineup, but they are also definitively one set this year you must see!

The Orb Website // Facebook // Twitter

Infrasound Festival Website // Buy Tickets

The Orb – “1, 1, 1” [Preview]

The Orb – “Log of Deadwood (Implanting Machines Mix)” [Preview]

The Orb – “Egnable (Live 12/10/1998)” [Preview]

The Orb – “Pi” [Preview]

The Orb – “Firestar” [Preview]

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