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Infrasound 2016 Artist Spotlight #5: Joker | Plus New Release: The Phoenix EP [Kapsize Recordings]


by Kyle Taylor |

This one goes out to all the true bass heads; to all of you who dig deep and really evaluate with your ears; that never take music for granted; that are always pursuing the latest progressions. Joker might not be new to the plate, but his insight into bass music is nothing short of consistently refreshing. With a deep and minimal approach, it is no surprise this UK producer was able to make his name during dubstep’s earliest years. What is commendable is his ability to stay on top.

Even as dubstep has gone through various ebbs and flows in past years, Joker is one of those artists who never bailed on the music he truly loves to make. Someone once said, “dubstep is dead”, but there are still plenty of legends prolonging the genre’s legacy. Joker is one of them.

Just take his latest release, The Phoenix EP, for example, released on Joker’s own Kapsize Recordings (stream the EP below). True, it is only a small collection of songs; but there is so much depth contained within them. Joker perpetuates minimal dub ideas with his production, calling attention to the magnificence that can result from a dedicated sound designer. A thoroughly fresh and only expanding catalog of production templates has left Joker far removed from the rest of the pack. His first North American appearances in years take place this summer, and one of the most epic performances is sure to go down at Infrasound Music Festival, where Joker will be surrounded by so many talented producers who made the climb right alongside him.

Joker Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Infrasound Festival Website // Buy Tickets

Joker – The Phoenix EP Buy on iTunes

Joker – “Rinse FM Mix [July 11th, 2014]” — FREE Download!!

Joker – “Midnight” — Buy on iTunes

Joker – “Digital Mainframe” — FREE Download!!

Joker – “Big” — FREE Download!!

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