Mac DeMarco Puts The “And” Back In Rock And Roll

mac demarco

Photo by Dana “Distortion” Yavin

by Kyle Taylor |

In the spring of 2014, Mac DeMarco and his fan base were still kicking holes in the walls of dimly lit basements. Last night, the Canadian musician returned to our musically devout city at one of its most historic venues: the Electric Factory. There, DeMarco ended his set by leaping from the stage into what will surely go down as one of the most outrageous moments in crowd surfing history. Riding hands all the way to the rear of the venue, DeMarco promptly jumped to the above balcony section and gawked at the adoring, sold out crowd for a few moments before voluntarily falling back the easily ten foot drop to the audience below. Somewhat amazingly, our evening’s hero was returned safely to the stage- and had even procured a lit cigarette along the way- just in time to join his band mates in wrapping out their ongoing jam.

Check out a video of DeMarco jumping from the balcony HERE!

From such a description, it sounds like Mac DeMarco is part of some sort of punk rock band; however, this could not be further from the truth for the quirky indie icon. DeMarco’s backing band finds an all encompassing sound through psychedelic subtlety. Odd resonance of guitar and loose percussion are held together by jazzy bass lines, which truly set the tone for the group’s grooves. DeMarco mingles this all with equally washed out vocals covering a medley of justifiably peculiar lyrics. Self-describing his own music as “jizz jazz”, DeMarco’s sound is easily accessible to classic rock and roll fans, as well as more estranged music fans pursuing genres like psych-folk, dream pop, and surf rock.

Perhaps the most enthralling aspect of this particular Canadian celebrity, though, is his personality. Quick to hop to the forefront of the music world, the 26 year old appears to be living the rock and roll life to its fullest. Aside from his crowd surfing stunt at the end of last night’s performance, DeMarco managed to keep his audience amused from beginning to end with ironic jokes and sincere moments of personality revelation. It remains notable that as an encore, after claims that the band would be playing new, unreleased material from their latest, upcoming album, the group launched into a heat-seeking cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. Compare that to some of DeMarco’s biggest hits like “Salad Days” or “Let Her Go”, and not only is the juxtaposition apparent, but so is the fact that this is one kid who knows how to have a great time while keeping his fans doing the same.

Mac DeMarco Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Mac DeMarco – Another One Listen to more of Mac DeMarco’s music on Bandcamp!

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