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Infrasound 2016 Artist Spotlight #8: Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

by Dan Getz |

Bill Day, better known as Mr. Bill, is a figure of admiration and inspiration to many in the electronic production community. Gaining recognition through his Ableton tutorial videos as well as videos of his creative process, Mr. Bill has been a teacher to many. Mr. Bill describes his sound best as, “a mix of unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with a large dash of palatable melodic content”. Filled with melodic and harmonic content, rhythmic complexities, and unforgettable sound design, the music of Mr. Bill is guaranteed to captivate any crowd he plays.

With over a dozen EPs and several albums released, the amount of content in his discography is staggering. It is for this reason that each of his sets are particularly special, considering his vast collection of originals works to choose from. Particularly, his album IRL spans a notably wide spectrum of production techniques as well as transcending genres. Day describes this work as a sound intended to refine the glitch/IDM genre and to enrich its core fans, as well as attracting new ones. Additionally, his collaboration with Ryanosaurus as Electrocado has been massively successful and proves just how well Mr. Bill can adapt his production to new concepts. For any unfamiliar with Mr. Bill or the more newfound Electrocado project, the duo’s debut album, Scribble, is an exemplary introduction to the sonic world of Mr. Bill. There is no doubt that this will be one of the most interesting live sets at Infrasound 2016, so be sure to check this Sydney-based producer out while you can!

Mr. Bill Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Infrasound Festival Website // Buy Tickets

Mr. Bill – “Late Lunch, Episode 9: Mr. Bill” — FREE Download!! // Watch the Live Stream

Mr. Bill – “IRL”

Electrocado – “Piddle Smell” — FREE Download!!

Mr. Bill & Spoonbill – “Moon Swagger”

Mr. Bill – “URL”

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