Bass / Electronic / Glitch-Hop

goldenSpiral – Dark Matter EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

The audio mastermind goldenSpiral returns with the new Dark Matter EP. Taking a stroll through the ever-evolving world of bass music, Adrian Palaschevsky (goldenSpiral) is far from bashful in embracing the genre’s profound depth and diversity. Further demonstrating the musical brilliance of his hometown of Philadelphia, goldenSpiral features fellow local musicians Alicia Talia, Calvin MC, and Voss throughout the release.

The Dark Matter EP, out now on Funkadelphia Recordings, is just a taste of what is to come from the mind of goldenSpiral, though. The EP will be followed by a new LP, Waveformation, in the fall of 2016.

goldenSpiral Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

goldenSpiral – Dark Matter EP [FUNK017] — Name Your Price

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