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Nocturnal Status – Brainz EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

Nocturnal Status – Brainz EP [FUNK018]

From the deepest caverns of bass music comes the newest installment in the Nocturnal Status catalog. Hailing originally from Annapolis, this musical duo brings a refined and refreshing perspective to the hallows of low-end frequencies. Splashing through a variety of composition methods, the Brainz EP demands the use of the very body part it takes its name from in order to process its blissful experimentation.

Now based in Miami, the Nocturnal Status project seeks to bring new life to the rising phenomenon of bass music mixed with live experimentation. That desire shows through brilliantly in this latest release, finding distinct grooves to mesmerize its listeners, while leaving plenty of room to further develop those same enchanting rhythms in a live atmosphere.

Nocturnal Status Soundcloud • Bandcamp • Facebook • Instagram

Nocturnal Status – Brainz EP [FUNK018] — NAME YOUR PRICE

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