Resonant Language – “Fractal Technician/Hybrid Stomp” | Name Your Price


by Dan Getz |

Glitch-hop producer Resonant Language has once again provided us with excellent examples of pristine glitch orchestration that push the genre to expanded standards. The dual-release singles, Fractal Technician/Hybrid Stomp, integrates several genres of influence, including IDM, dubstep, glitch, and psychedelic electronic. Filled with complex rhythmic phrasings and a wide array of ear-capturing synthesis, glitch-hop lovers will be sure to have these ones on repeat. Pay what you wish and stream on his bandcamp, as well as Additech’s bandcamp!

Part one of this release, titled “Fractal Technician”, lives up to its name as a busy, yet diverse, production filled with captivating synthesis and an aggressive themes, which resonate through the listener. Exploding with alien sounds and complexly designed rhythms, this track makes you feel as if you have fallen into a rabbit hole and a world of its own. With heavy influence of IDM, this track weaves dozens of uniquely developed sounds together to create far more complex phrasings that all work incredibly well together.

The second track, and my personal favorite of the two, “Hybrid Stomp”, delivers a slower, more open groove, which contrasts nicely against the complexity of its preceding single. The listener is provided an opportunity to focus deeper on the sounds developed by Resonant Language, greater emphasizing his virtuosity in synthesis and production.

Also known as one half of the glitch duo, Bricksquash, Resonant Language hits the listener with a surge of delicately blended percussion and glitch synthesis, culminating into a recognizable, signature sound. Listen to his Onset EP, recently released on Addictech Records, here for more glitchy goodness from Resonant Language.

Resonant Language Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Resonant Language – Fractal Technician/Hybrid Stomp Name Your Price

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