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Cactus Bath – Cloroplastiq EP [Swamp Music] | Name Your Price


by Dan Getz |

For years Cactus Bath has been exploring the confounding, experimental worlds of IDM and glitch, leading to the sonic culmination that is his debut release: the Cloroplastiq EP. Unlike many psychedelic bass productions today, the songs on this EP are constantly developing musically and rhythmically, leaving the listener almost forgetting that they are still experiencing the same individual work.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Cactus Bath delivers highly polished sound design accompanied by melodic phrasings and rhythms that sway in between the realms of uptempo and downtempo. Additionally his design and use of format-based synthesis is ear-catching throughout the EP, blended excellently with syncopated automation and paired with a variety of processed percussion.

Moreover, Colin Hendee (Cactus Baths) is highly involved in several other facets of the artistic world, including wood sculpting, stage design, and geometric lamp designs, which can be found on his Etsy page. Now focusing his energy on music, Cactus Baths is constantly expanding his artistic vision and you certainly will not want to miss how he hears the world. 

Cactus Bath Soundcloud // Facebook

Cactus Bath – Cloropastiq EP [Swamp Music] — Name Your Price Download

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