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Levitation Jones x Orchestrobe – Fuzzy Muffler EP


by Dan Getz |

When you measure gravitational waves from the outer edges of space and convert them to audible sound waves, this is what you’ll get. 

The Fuzzy Muffler EP is the culmination between two well-known producers in the bass scene, Levitation Jones and Orchestrobe. The release unveils the unique possibilities of experimental sound design when matched with such an aggressive groove. With intentions of confounding the listener through captivating sub frequencies and unexpected musical turns, Fuzzy Muffler emphasizes expanding the potential of music within the bass community.

The duality between both producers yields an excellent flow while listening through the EP, providing individual perspectives of music and production; leaving the listener guessing what’s to come next. After each displaying their solo work, these bass wizards tie the EP together with their collaborative single, “Fuzzy Muffler”, fusing their two styles into a monstrously dark UK jam that’s pure ear-food . And who better to wrap this dark collection up than Yheti himself, with a remix of Levitation Jones’ “Banshee”.

If you want to catch these bass wizards live, Orchestrobe is playing Brooklyn along with Brainrack and Tsimba on December 14 and opening for Clozee and Psymbionic January 19th (link below). Also be on the look out for a national tour announcement from Levitation Jones because you will NOT want to miss him behind some proper subwoofers!

Levitation Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Levitation Jones x Orchestrobe – Fuzzy Muffler EP Name Your Price

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