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Spundose – Matrix That We Shake EP [Street Ritual]


by Dan Getz |

Once again Spundose returns with an arsenal of creative sound design and groovy music guaranteed to move the crowd. Spundose continues his series, ‘Tones That We Broadcast’ with his latest, Matrix That We Shake EP, the second installment of this groovy trilogy that picks up right where the previous installment left off. Complex glitch percussion peppered with tribal and atmospheric pads, all held together by a consistent funky bass line is a winning combination for Spundose. He uses this formula to deliver a product that truly displays his talent as a producer. These five electronic compositions shed individual light onto the production techniques and design that the New York producer uses, almost as if it were emulating a portfolio of ability.

As this album progresses, we develop a stronger and stronger respect for this New York producer, as its consistency is excellent. A favorite track out of the collection is no doubt “Muukashii”, which is carried by reggae rhythms and tribal vocals leaving the listener reminiscent of Ott. Throughout this album, Spundose exhibits excellent electronic composition and arrangement leaving one returning again and again to the tracks it holds; needless to say we should be very excited for the final installment of ‘Tones That We Broadcast’. There will be several opportunities to catch this producer live this year as he just wrapped up a run of shows down in the Carolina’s, be sure to follow for more information with the links below.

Spundose – Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Spundose – Matrix That We Shake EP [Street Ritual] — Buy on Addictech

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