Mile High Meltdown vol.3 [MHSM Records]

Artwork Final.pngFrom Colorado comes a compilation that truly give insight into the world of experimental electronic music. With a massive collection of notable Colorado artists, Mile High Sound Movement brings a wide variety of electronic artists, spanning a multitude of genres, all sharing a common theme of musical boundaries. The development of this compilation as you listen is a exceptional characteristic of this collection, as each track leads tastefully into the next in regards to the individual grooves and the mastering itself.

The co-founders of MHSM themselves, Project Aspect and Kruza Kid rip up the sound design of their collaborative effort “Colder”, bringing a certain “Nectarness” to the collection. As if this bass oriented track wasn’t enough, MHSM takes it one step further with their Vice-President Unlimited Gravity collaborating with DMVU on “Rain Cloud”, one of my personal favorite tracks off the compilation. With a unique harmonic progression and a wide array of sound design, these two producers have yielded a new take on an early style of electronic music that just works.

A specifically notable artist in this compilation is without a doubt DMVU, whose two tracks within this collection reflect his more musical side in terms of production and the music itself. “Purp’d feat Transit” is his collaboration between Kruza Kid and Transit, which carries heavy 90s hip hop vibes and displays talent as a producer outside of the heavy bass genre that he is well known for. Developing further on this theme is kLL sMTH, a deservingly well known Colorado produce who brings his unique neuro-infused hip hop to the bass community with, “Ferhoodle Shuffle”.

All in all this is an incredibly curated compilation, featuring a number of artists who you should certainly be familiar with. Colorado proves once again that they are the capital of electronic music, with a seemingly endless amount of new talent. Be sure to listen through the entire compilation, as well as further understanding the path of each individual artist that’s a part of this collection.

MHSM RECORDS – Soundcloud // Spotify // Bandcamp // Donate/Download // Facebook

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