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bean boy – untitled [Funkadelphia Recordings] || Name Your Price


by Dan Getz |

bean boy’s album, untitled, delivers a wide stereo field filled with environmental sound design that slips in and out of grooves, progressing significantly from song to song; as well as within the individual tracks. Sprinkled with pleasing melodies and production tricks, this album finds an excellent balance between quality musicality and experimental production, leaving one reminiscent of artists like Lusine, Culprate, and Alon Mor. Perhaps his most characterized technique is his use of space in regards to the environmental soundscapes that develop throughout the album. A combination of slow & fast panning  draws the listener’s focus all over the spaces he develops, leaving them in need of another listen to truly capture everything that is going on. I highly recommend listening to this collection of works in their intended order, as it truly tells a sonic story; without a single phrase spoken.

Hailing from Seattle, bean boy is a self-taught producer who applies his many years of studying music, specifically piano, to his creations. Extending past the sonic field of art, his music is complimented with his own artwork, which depict simplistic, deconstructed figures that convey a powerful range of human emotion. His work is as intriguing as his music and can be found in the links below. The level at which this high school senior creates and pursues art is certainly not something to ignore, so be sure to listen to ‘Untitled’ upon release and understand how bean boy hears the world.

bean boy Soundcloud // Website // Facebook // Instagram

bean boy – untitled [FUNK021] — NAME YOUR PRICE

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