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Tycho Waves Wash Over the Electric Factory | Event Recap

All Photos by Goose Media

by Kyle Taylor |

Seeing the live Tycho experience take the stage at one of Philadelphia’s most renowned venues, the Electric Factory, was a surreal experience unlike any other. Maybe that is because just five years ago, the San Francisco project was still planting their roots across the United States, playing particularly intimate venues such as the 300 capacity Rotunda here in our hometown.

Scott Hansen (Tycho) has come a long way since, though. The same timeframe has seen birth to three full-length albums from the Tycho project: Dive (2011), Awake (2014)and Epoch (2016). Further, the Tycho live experience has evolved into its entirely own beast across those years. Featuring a collage of washed out images compiled and VJ’d by Hansen himself (who also curates the visual art project ISO50, both in conjunction and separate of Tycho), the band’s visual experience engulfs the sensory complex with just as much majesty as their coinciding audio experience.

Prior to the stint of success Tycho has more recently seen, Hansen has long been on the prowl. With albums dating all the way back to 2006, Tycho was once a one-man project. That one man, Hansen, is still at the helm of the project as well as its primary driver. However, had you seen Tycho live preceding the ‘Dive Tour’ in 2011, you would have seen Hansen solo on stage backed by no visual display at all. The blissful growth of the project that has since transpired only attests to Hansen’s devotion and vision for his art.

Funkadelphia will be the first to admit we love a good intimate show; yet, seeing Tycho and the live band do their dance through the ambiance last week at one of Philadelphia’s premier venues was nothing short of a heart-warming, absolute pleasure. A production of such due diligence and size deserves a proper outlet and Hansen has proven that is exactly where he belongs.

Tycho Website || Soundcloud || Spotify || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram

View all photos from the show HERE.
— all photos by Goose Media

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