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Ryan Viser – Volumetric EP [Mile High Sound Movement] | Name Your Price

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by Anthony Salupo |

Ryan Viser has been extremely busy since his debut album, Metamorphosis.  He has been in constant tour mode, spreading his brass-infused electronica from his home state of Louisiana to Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, as well as some Midwest and Northeast stops with the Filibusta Live Band tour- including a surprise set at Philly’s first Ode to Earth. Last year, he released his second album, Louder and Louder; and earlier this year he performed at Costa Rica’s enchanting Envision Festival. Now, he’s back with his newest: Volumetric.

This is Viser’s third album, depicted on the album artwork by the Vulknut, an ancient Viking symbol consisting of three interlocking triangles.  His elegant blend of funky upbeat jams, slow heavier grooves, and plenty of crunchy bass is a perfect fit for release by the Colorado-based label, Mile High Sound Movement. The album begins filled with soul and flavor before transitioning into some heaters stomped with swagger.

The first track, “Silence,” features the captivating voice of Courtney Odom that guides you to a blissful edge before the smooth brass blasts and funky bass really set you free. The next two tracks really emphasize Viser’s range in stylistic variety. While, “What It Means” and “N-Vision” both have plenty of energy and attitude, the former is more groovy with some super fun trumpet licks; while the latter has more of a southern trap feel with crisp drum patterns and hefty bass. Just as the previous tracks are a solid depiction of his vast production capabilities, “History Will Judge” is a prime example of his instrumental innovation, which has always been exemplary. The lyrical accompaniment from hip-hop maestro Tre Houston complements the production wonderfully as two essential pieces that the whole track wouldn’t be the same without.

Volumetric is a word sometimes used to describe something that appears to be in 3-D, which seems fitting as Viser’s own unique style is really beginning to take shape. His innovative blend of bayou-inspired trumpet melodies, glitched-out sound design, and colossal bass-lines result in a musical signature all his own. Be sure to check out Volumetric, out now on Mile High Sound Movement. You can also check Ryan Viser out playing with Filibusta and Steady Flow at Summer Camp Music Festival Thursday night at 3:00 AM in the Vibe Tent!

Ryan Viser Website • Soundcloud • Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Instagram

Ryan Viser – Volumetric EP  [Mile High Sound Movement] — Name Your Price!

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