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Dancemyth – Real Eyes EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

by Kyle Taylor |

We take you today into the warm and unassuming world of Dancemyth. Blurring the line between livetronica and bass music, this Michigan producer has no need for redefinition as he carves his own, unique path in the musical world. Enchanting guitar plucks and riffs carry each composition from start through completion, embellishing themselves within multifarious atmospheres of enveloping production.

The Real Eyes EP will leave you fixated in a state of introspection. Opening with “Sleepless”, the release will first instill a state of insomnia if one is not preexisting. The opening track wraps eardrums in voluptuous sound layers of ambiance, developing a crescendo of waking relaxation. “Emerge and See”- the release’s debut single- however quickly bats away that welcoming euphoria, introducing an encumbering layer of bone-crushing bass and slurps of sound design. With “Remember”, those warm melodies from the introductory track make their way back to us before Dancemyth utilizes his audio tools to instill a sense of haunting curiosity. Seemingly the “T E M P T A T I O N” referred to by the release’s final track is the temptation to restart the EP from its beginning and enjoy the journey all over again. A soft and heartfelt conclusion, the track is the most musical of the release’s compositions and an appropriate closure to an otherwise resounding journey.

The entire Real Eyes EP is out now via Funkadelphia Recordings!

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Dancemyth – Real Eyes EP [FUNK023] — Name Your Price!


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