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Swayed Ways – One Time EP


by Kyle Taylor |

We are always in need of some smooth grooves to get the week started, and this debut EP release from Swayed Ways is that just right combination of funk and soul to keep things on the low, while still lightly pulsing with energy. Pepper in some exceptionally tasteful sample-work and you have got yourself the new One Time EP.

Swayed Ways demonstrates an exemplary understanding of fusing together his own production and sound design with outside-sourced samples, both on the instrumental and vocal layers. On a technical front, the cohesion of these elements is about as flawless as one could hope for; on a composition perspective, it demonstrates a distinct and developed artistic vision.

Growing his roots right in our neighboring city of Baltimore, while currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina, you can be sure to expect to hear more from Swayed Ways soon – but for now this should more than do. Enjoy the new One Time EP!

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Swayed Ways – One Time EP 


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