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Bad Poetry Club – “Pop Cultist” | FREE Download!

by Kyle Taylor |

The east coast hip hop outfit, calling themselves Bad Poetry Club, returns with their newest and fifth overall single: “Pop Cultist”. Fixating its lyrical content on the applicable distortions caused to our reality by pop culture icons and phenomenons, the new single- very much akin to its predecessors- takes a dark and powerful perspective on an often overlooked, but potentially threatening sensation.

On the production front, “Pop Cultist” continues to exemplify the multi-faceted capabilities of Bad Poetry Club. With members baring years of experience and practice in production, beat-boxing, and live brass jamming, the resulting sound is a fusion of years of musical experimentation and fortitude, as well as numerous, varying stylistic approaches.

Members Honeycomb and Tonio Sagan work together on the production front, with Honeycomb then adding a layer of his own beat-box appraisal, before fellow contributor Mike Wilbur (of Moon Hooch) lays down some funky horns to give the single that extra spark. Together Sagan and final member Sotorios (also of Political Animals) provide the lyrical dispersion.

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Bad Poetry Club – “Pop Cultist” FREE Download!

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