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Third Annual Moonrise Festival Cascades Over Baltimore | Event Recap

by Kyle Taylor |

For the third year in a row Moonrise Festival returned weeks ago triumphantly to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. Curated by local companies Steez Promo and Glow Washington D.C., the annual event brought together over 60 artists from around the world, taking place on the weekend of August 12th and 13th.

A first stroll into Moonrise Festival makes it easy to see why the event is able to return year after year to a stable home in the Northeast. With four stages cascading the massive race course green, each stacked to the brim with top of the line production and sound; countless art and food vendors; as well as numerous art installations staggering over the venue and its patrons, the event essentially transfers the Pimlico property into an entirely new, fantastical land.

Each year, the festival pulls together a massive and distinct array of world renowned artist. Most known for its electronic dance music thesis, Moonrise Festival still does an excellent job of showcasing other musical elements, exemplified through acts such as Run The Jewels and Breathe Carolina. Other DJ and producer acts for the 2017 weekend included Pretty Lights, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Excision, Ganja White Night, and Zeds Dead, just to name a few.

The level of care put forth by the event’s team and staff is hard to glance over. For the third year in a row, Moonrise Festival altered its layout for patrons- perhaps creating a short pang of anxiety, but more so and ultimately resulting in once again a truly unique experience for any festival-goers. Such a minute details displays another level of devotion from the Moonrise crew, though. These annual adjustments to the map tell the story of event-organizers wishing to not only create an original, but also the best possible, adventure for its constituents. A constant opting to seek the most efficient and practical layout for this already stifling production, is undoubtedly both a difficult task and an unending one.

Energy and enthusiasm, pulsing throughout Moonrise Festival 2017, far from ended there. Each stage showcased an authentic barrage of chest-pounding sound and electrifying lighting production. LED walls coated nearly every stage front side to side, top to bottom; barrages of lasers could be seen pulsating through the sky from nearly anywhere within the venue; and the music was truly inescapable.

Any festival-goer will tell you that events such as this are always about such much more than the music, however. Moonrise Festival’s sprawling attractions paid close mind to that ideal. It sincerely seemed as though the event’s staff and creative team was able to leave no portion of the race track and its according green untouched or unused. From intricate and clever art installations, to a stretch of vendors extending as far as the eye could see, to a ferris wheel, and still so much more, even with two days it felt easy to miss out on some of Moonrise Festival’s many amusements.

Here’s to a terrific Moonrise Festival 2017, and an even better one in 2018!

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All photos by Goose Media (Rob Goss) — View Full Album HERE!

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