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Event Recap: Datsik at Electric Factory [01/31/2015]


Photo by Ray Ermel Photography

by Kyle Taylor |

The massive Electric Factory selling out for Datsik‘s throttling experience proved two definitive things: one, that dubstep is certainly not dead, and two, that all attendees of the show were in for one heck of a ride.

The night kicked off with one of the original UK masters of grime, Trolley Snatcha. It was a rare appearance in the United States, let alone Philadelphia, so for those who arrived early enough to revel in his never ending waves of enraged bass, the tone for the evening was easily set.

Kennedy Jones was next, giving the crowd a breather to settle into some more laid-back and quirky hip-hop inspired dance tracks. It was the perfect intermission to the two bass monsters (Trolley Snatcha and Datsik) who also took the stage that night.

Finally the moment came, the curtain dropped, the vortex was revealed, and more importantly, the full PK soundsystem. Datsik was in the house. The Canadian producer DJ and producer has been building himself as long as any loyal dubstep fan can remember, constantly improving his live experience and never resting when it comes to his studio work. His set on this particular Saturday evening reflected all that hard work, delivering a set that left not one, not two, but the entire crowd’s jaw on the floor. He busted out some originals, he busted out some impeccably selected hip-hop a capellas  (if I do say so myself), and of course, he rocked the floor with some stunning, new, unreleased material.

Datsik Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

All photos by Ray Ermel Photography

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