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The Mile High Sound Movement Unveils New Music from ProJect Aspect & Unlimited Gravity

Over the last few months, the grind has been extremely intense for the Denver-based collective The Mile-High Sound Movement. Just in May and June alone the label has released three EPs, one single, and, after a massive Sonic Bloom showing, will also be represented at AriseNorthern Nights in California, The Pirate Party in Montana, and SubOctave in Minnesota during the remainder of the season.

MHSM was created in 2007 by ProJect Aspect (Jay Jaramillo) and Kruza Kid (Zach Karuzas) to help gain exposure for their own music, as well as the music of their close friends. They were joined shortly thereafter by Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg), while in the process of creating the Unlimited Aspect project with Jaramillo and drummer Steven Kuzma. The Movement has since grown to a collective of more than 20 artists, most of whom are natives or residents of Denver and its surrounding areas.

The relationship between Jaramillo and Weberg extends far beyond musical compatibility and creativity, though, as the energy of their friendship can be felt during their B2B sets and Unlimited Aspect performances. The two aim to make each and every tour stop unique, like square dancing in Texas or dropping “The Macerena”. This bond of friendship is reflected across the entire collective, as these artists spend as much time working together as they do shredding the slopes or exploring the trails of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

The recent release of Ryan Viser’s Volumetric EP was quickly followed by a very impressive heavy bass single, “Suragu,” by Homemade Spaceship and UNFOLD. Now, MHSM elders Jaramillo and Weberg have each released new solo EPs, reflective of their unique and flavorful styles.

From ProJect Aspect, Cortex is a three-track EP that packs the punch of an entire album. It is saturated with massive basslines and the glitched-out sound design that has become his signature. “Dime On My Nine” is a digital journey through space and time where each drop is a new unique location in the cosmos, keeping the suspense as intense as the anticipation for more.


The latest from Unlimited Gravity, Choose Your Direction, is filled with powerful drum patterns and constant energy. It is vigorous and chaotic, yet timed and precise. The final track “You ARE” maintains the energy but with more ethereal sound design as opposed to the grime experienced in the first three tracks.
Also, don’t miss Unlimited Gravity’s remix of “Say Less” by Dillon Francis and G-Eazy and be sure to give it a vote in the remix contest here!


The music throughout both releases, and even these artist’s entire careers, is as innovative and enticing as the Movement itself. While MHSM operates within the industry they are much more of a family than an operation. They are a grassroots collective that will continue to enjoy success as they can share it with each other. The Mile-High Sound Movement is what so many in the industry strive to be: a family of creators and visionaries whose main goal is to share amazing music with as many fans as possible and to have a little fun in the process.

The Mile High Sound Movement Website • Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Instagram

ProJect Aspect Bandcamp • Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Instagram
Unlimited Gravity Bandcamp • Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Instagram

ProJect Aspect – Cortex EP Name Your Price!

Unlimited Gravity – Choose Your Direction EP  Name Your Price!

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