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Album Review: Emancipator: Dusk to Dawn [Downtempo//Beats]

Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn

The day is finally here, and I really couldn’t be more pleased. Emancipator has had an enormous impact on the downtempo music world, and their new album Dusk to Dawn, out today, continues their string of (for lack of a better world) beautiful releases. It’s rather difficult to classify the Oregon two-piece act within a single genre; “downtempo” doesn’t even begin to capture the smooth beating rhythms, accompanied by almost mesmerizing guitar, violin and harp lines, among other live instrumentation. Dusk to Dawn will creep into your soul and take you on a journey through beautiful landscapes; it will take you to the stony beaches of a misty lake, to the top of snow-capped mountains, and through lush valleys. And if the album isn’t enough, Emancipator will be playing HERE in Philadelphia, this Thursday at The Trocadero Theatre! But for now, just enjoy this new, incredible release from Emancipator.

Emancipator – Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Emancipator – Dusk to Dawn Buy Album

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