Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Bogtrotter – “Jamais Vu” EP | FREE DL!!


by Kyle Taylor

It’s an indescribably difficult task to attempt putting words to Bogtrotter‘s sound. Frankly, the sound is indescribable. Murmuring bass, glistening synthesizers, crunchy beats- the list of peculiar adjectives that could be attached to the Minneapolis producer’s sound goes on… and on… and on.

Bogtrotter’s new “Jamais Vu” EP boasts a calculated and technically experienced approach to electronic music. What’s not calculated, though, are the compositions. Each track seems to mark an exploration of uncharted audio territory. However, that same element is what gives the release its lush beauty. Such avid experimentation carries Bogtrotter’s versatile and developed sound through a mesmerizing cascade of musical ideas.

Bogtrotter gives us one of the purest forms of artistic expression with this new EP. It’s a release that says, “I literally do not care, AT ALL, what is going on in music right now- I’m just going to make the music I want to make.”

That is, if you want to use the word “music” to describe these alienated beats.

Bogtrotter Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

Bogtrotter – “Jamais Vu” — FREE Download!!/Donate

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