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Infrasound Artist Spotlight #3: Android Jones

Android Jones

by Kyle Taylor |

This week we take a look at the visual aspect of the art world spectrum. Acclaimed visionary artist Android Jones will be returning to Infrasound Music Festival this year after his 2013 appearance. Once again he will accompany legendary producer Tipper. The two have collaborated timelessly, including Infrasound 2013, and are set to also appear together at Tipper’s debut performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater on May 16th.

Android Jones’ work has been featured all across the art world. He has provided digital mapping for numerous musical artists, as well as interpretive dance performances, and special art exhibitions. His work has also further been utilized as album artwork by Random Rab, The Human Experience and Tipper, providing a descriptive aesthetic to the rhythmic psychedelic production contained in the releases.

A peak at Jones’ website and online portfolio reveals that the self-described “electro mineralist” is at constant work on new projects. It is this very characteristic that makes his appearance at both Infrasound and Red Rocks this Summer such a magnificent fruit. It’s easily guaranteed that the Boulder, Colorado born artist will have plenty of new material to unveil on the eagerly waiting masses. His inexorable ability to blend his different mapping systems among one another while matching them flawlessly to the musical atmosphere that surrounds them is both commendable and indescribable.

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Android Jones Website // Facebook // Twitter

Complete Android Jones Artist Gallery

Tipper Live with Android Jones, Infrasound Music Festival 2013

illUmiNations: Protecting Our Planet, by Android Jones

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