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Album Review: My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

my morning jacket the waterfall

by Kyle Taylor |

For fans of classic rock, especially that which is wrapped in a thick cloud of psychedelia, the crowd of bands keeping the sound alive is growing thinner and thinner. Still, a select group of acts fighting to keep the movement, not just stable, but further evolving is indisputable in their efforts. One such band, is Kentucky based My Morning Jacket. With an often mournful, faded sound, the band has carried their signature style through a steadily progressing career. Radiating a definitive influence from the roots of 1970’s and 80’s rock, My Morning Jacket has continued to push the envelope of their genre with each new release.

Culminating a staggering list, now totaling seven LPs, including their latest, The Waterfall, the already well-versed psychedelic rock sound is never lost on lackadaisically familiar ideas. Led by guitarist and vocalist Jim James, the group continues to dig into the depths of the good old-fashioned rock sound many of us (and even some of our parents) grew up on. James’ haunting, and frequently angelic, soprano vocals are deeply immersed in throttling guitar riffs and bustling percussive advances.

As the record begins, My Morning Jacket quickly falls into pace with the sound cultivated across their previous albums. Opening with “Believe (Nobody Knows)”, the familiar “far out” structure of the band’s grooves is implemented in the record immediately. Still, even with six prior albums already under their belt, the southern group continues to hack away into new territory. It’s a careful balance of familiar and new, pivoted upon with exceptional precision. In the midst of their psychedelic, almost washed-out sound, the Southern roots of My Morning Jacket are also an adamant piece of the musical puzzle for the already reputable band.

From gentle, ghostly tracks, to distinctively more energetic compositions, My Morning Jacket is consistently dedicated to showcasing and commending each of its members’ musical prowess. With a definitive core sound, it is perhaps each of its gifted musicians abilities which continue to keep the band so alive. Mesmerizing guitar solos, powerful percussion, and constantly enchanting vocals all work together in simultaneous hypnotic synchronization. Rarely is any aspect of the music highlighted over any other, as the band functions as a band should: in wholesome collaboration.

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06) “Spring (Among the Living)”

08) “Big Decisions”

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