Artist Spotlight / Trap

Coolio – “Gangster’s Paradise (Candyland OG Remix)” + Artist Spotlight [3 FREE TRACKS!!]

Damn, it’s a good Monday morning. I just woke up and my e-mail is already loaded up with new music. I’d like to kick off your morning the same way I kicked off mine; with this remix of Coolio‘s famous hip-hop track, “Gangster’s Paradise”. The track is remixed Candyland, an up and coming duo from Santa Barbara, California; and when I say “up and coming” in these guys case, I mean they are making a ton of noise lately. I decided to turn this post into a full on Artist Spotlight for that exact reason. Originally focused on dubstep, the duo has been playing around with the trap sound as of late. This new track is indeed a trap track, as well as another one I’m going to share, which you may have already heard: their remix of Darude‘s trance anthem, “Sandstorm”. Finally, I want to throw in a good old dubstep track from them as well, to show how wobbly they used to get. I’m adding on a grimy, grimy remix of Rick Ross‘ “Hustlin'”. Best part is, all these tracks are FREE!! Show Candyland some love!

Candyland Soundcloud    Facebook    Twitter


Coolio – “Gangster’s Paradise (Candyland OG Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]



Rick Ross – “Hustlin’ (Candyland Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]


Darude – “Sandstorm (Candyland OG Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]

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