Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

Orchestrobe – “Iris”


by Kyle Taylor |

Where my bass heads at? That phrase and question has become so overplayed in recent years (or maybe I am just getting cynical), but truly, those were the first words that came to mind when listening to this track. For long time fans and followers of Funkadelphia (or any underground music news source(s) for that matter), it should come as no surprise that quite often some of the best new music is blossoming from the underground. Sure, there is no denying there must be a reason stadium touring artists have reached that level, but that is no reason to say the little guy is not making music just as commendable.

We have shared a few Orchestrobe tracks over the past few months (hear more Orchestrobe HERE), and that is because the Connecticut producer is constantly shredding our ears to pieces and leaving our brains completely scrambled. His latest single, “Iris”, is an unrelenting heavy bass tune. Dipping into old school dubstep techniques, the composition of Orchestrobe’s “wobbles” throughout the single are rather minimal. Still, the sounds carry an absurd amount of energy behind them. In fact, “Iris” seems to land somewhere in a perfect, happy medium between (low-frequency) mid-2000’s UK dubstep and (high-frequency) post-2010 North American dubstep. It is deep and wobbly, yet it is ferocious and vehement in its delivery. This single right here is exceptional proof that social media numbers have no real correlation to an artist’s ability to make music. “Iris” is as good as it gets.

Orchestrobe Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Orchestrobe – “Iris” — Buy on Bandcamp

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